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Can You Numb Skin Naturally?

Numbing skin to ease pain The essential drivers of pain from which you probably will need to briefly numb your skin include: Sun related burn. With sun related burn, your skin is scorched from overexposure to the sun’s bright radiation. Dermatitis. Your skin’s aroused in the wake of interacting with a substance that aggravated it…

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Is US summit on democracy necessary?

By  Adhere Cavince What you need to know: It is a rushed project to re-establish a Cold War structure, this time with China as the chief antagonist. The US democratisation enterprise has lately come under heavy criticism following the Afghanistan disaster. Officials in President Joe Biden’s administration are scratching their heads regarding the planned December 2021…

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US summit a glass house

By Wesley Seale As we went to the polls in South Africa, my mind was on my grandparents. Both my grandfathers died before being endowed with the right to vote. Fortunately, both my grandmothers lived to see the day where they could participate in deciding who should govern them. Yet many citizens across the globe…

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