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SEO & Web Design Myths, Uncovered!

Why are there so many Web Design and Search Engine Optimization myths on the internet? The following article exposes some of the most common SEO myths affecting web design and looks at the reasons why they have become widely accepted as the truth by many web designers and Webmasters.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and diverse topic that’s both never constant and constantly changing. There are hundreds of myths about SEO, some were once true but no longer apply (outdated information), while others were simply never true, to begin with (disinformation).

A large number of different opinions and tactics used by both Website Designers and SEO Consultants (which can be completely contrasting) has also helped to create myths. Combine this with a large number of web forums and blogs that allow people to share their views, and you have the perfect environment for not only creating myths but for them to spread like a viral epidemic. Here are some of the most common myths explained.

Build it and they will come

Myth Description: The belief that a website will receive large quantities of targeted traffic as soon as it goes online.

Truth: The biggest myth I still come across most days is the aptly named “build it and they will come myth”. The cause of the myth is a combination of outdated information, a non-realistic, over-optimistic site owner or a lack of understanding of the web. Back in the old days of the internet, you could “build a site and they would come”, just by submitting to the main search engines of the day (to a degree). This was largely due to the lack of websites around at the time, meaning top positions were that much easier to secure.

Nowadays a site must be advertised just like any business. A good analogy is your site is a shop and a search engine is a high-street. The only problem is your shop is not on the high-street, so some kind of sign is required to inform passers-by where you are and what you do.

Search Engine Submission Myths

Myth Description: The belief that a website needs to submit every page to the search engines. The belief that regular or monthly submissions will result in better search engine rankings. The belief that a website needs to keep on submitting to search engines or they will forget about the site. The belief that if a website submits to thousands of search engines its traffic levels will go through the roof.

Truth: While some of these myths used to have a bit of truth to them, nowadays search engine submission is not required at all. The myths have been caused mainly by companies who provide submission services. This is because it’s financially in their interest for people to believe the myths are true.

It doesn’t hurt to submit to the major search engines but indexing can be achieved simply by getting links to a site (as long as the page where the link is on is known to the search engines).

There is also no point at all submitting to thousands of search engines. There are only a handful of search engines that people actually use. Many of the other search engines have been created to obtain the submitter’s email address which is then added to email lists (which spammers will pay money for).

Myth Name: Meta Tag Optimisation

Myth Description: The belief that search engine optimisation is just about Meta tags.

Truth: Meta tags used to be very important to rankings until search engines became more complex. While some Meta tags are still important to the description and title tags which most search engines will display on their results (so they can influence click-through rates drastically). Most tags like the keyword tag are obsolete.

I believe the cause of this myth is twofold. One, because it’s outdated information (to a degree) and two, because people want to believe there’s a secret magic formula that only SEO’s know about. That way a lack of rankings is not their fault, plus it keeps the conspiracy theorists happy.

Ethical Search Engine Optimisation

Myth Description: The belief that there are two types of SEO, black hat and white hat (the old good versus evil).

Truth: Quite simple this one but nearly always overlooked. Any attempt to alter the search engines results and obtain more traffic is against most search engines guidelines. While there are tactics that may get you banned and others that may not or are not widely known about (yet), all of them are trying to influence the results and therefore are against the guidelines. SEO is neither black nor white, but many shades of grey. Just try to know what you’re doing and more importantly the associated risks.

Google’s PageRank (PR) is the most important aspect of a sites ability to rank

Myth Description: Self-explanatory this one, the belief that PR is a god-like entity we must all worship in order to obtain rankings.

Truth: It is widely believed by expert SEO’s and even been stated by Google Guy (a Google employee) that the PR we see on the toolbar is out of date as soon as we get to see it. Google update PR constantly but only update the toolbar PR now and then. PR is also only one part of a complex ranking system. How big a percentage it plays in rankings, only Google knows.

One thing for sure, it doesn’t matter how good your PR is on the toolbar, it’s not going to get you any more traffic from Yahoo or MSN (you heard it here first).

There are many more web design myths about SEO, most of which can be spotted if you read between the lines and think about whether it would make sense for a search engine. One of the most important parts of SEO is finding a reliable source of information. If you want to learn more, a good place to start is one of the numerous SEO Forums on the web.

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Buy CBD Oil online

Different Types Of CBD

CBD is a characteristic compound that is quickly filling in prominence among all socioeconomics paying little heed to age, sex, and even identity. Be that as it may, do we know whether CBD is protected? Make sure to get informed before you Buy CBD Oil online.

CBD is a 100% lawful Cannabinoid compound found in a Cannabis plant. Not at all like it is at present illicit kin THC, CBD causes no psychoactive impacts of any sort. As such, in the event that you are contemplating whether CBD will get you stoned, the appropriate response is a conclusive no. An examination study found that CBD is non-harmful and can without much of a stretch be endured in amounts of 1,500 mg or less. Nonetheless, this has likewise made a lawful ill-defined situation that is the CBD supplement market, which considers CBD things to be sold without a permit and appropriate extraction and creation techniques.

Not just CDB can’t make any harm to the human cerebrum, it really has been exhibited to be a neuroprotective cell reinforcement. Indeed, even the World Health Organization in 2017 proclaimed CBD to be non-harmful, safe and represents no danger of enslavement. Nonetheless, in spite of the fact that CBD has been discovered to be protected, likewise with numerous things that we devour, there are possible results. Luckily, there are only a couple of undesirable or antagonistic side responses from the utilization of CBD, including low pulse, dry mouth, restraint of hepatic medication digestion, and languor. Underneath we examine the results that possibly could be available subsequent to utilizing CBD oil, on the whole, we should cover some essential data about CBD.

Kinds of CBD

Full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD oil is gotten from the entire hemp plant matter. That infers taking the stems, blossoms, roots, and leaves and beating, squeezing, or force washing them to separate the oils from the hemp plant. This will leave purchasers with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBG, THC, CBD, CBN, and so on, terpenes, and phytochemicals, for example, chlorophyll and other natural plant compounds. The subsequent CBD oil will have a powerful hempy taste and be dim in shading. Additionally, it will likewise contain 0.2% or less THC.

As it has been momentarily referenced, other ordinarily found cannabinoids are CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDV, and onwards, at present tallying in excess of 200 known sorts. A large number of them are at present being explored for their own interesting advantages. These cannabinoids, including THC, work cooperatively to make an “escort impact.” This impact suggests that the best outcomes are accomplished when the entirety of the cannabinoids are available in an item. Full-spectrum CBD oil will project the amplest net with regards to offsetting the human endocannabinoid framework.

Broad-spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is created through a similar cycle as full-spectrum CBD oil by taking the stems, roots, blossoms, and leaves. The thing that matters is that after extraction, the THC compound is isolated and taken out totally. This actually leaves shoppers with a tremendous scope of cannabinoids notwithstanding CBD.

Numerous people end up in circumstances when they can’t have any THC in their framework, so broad-spectrum items are turning into the most esteemed type of CBD. Truth be told, great broad-spectrum oil will have no follow measures of THC, yet gives a generally full cannabinoid profile, which will incorporate CBG, CBD, CBDV, CBN, and other potential cannabinoids, permitting purchasers to keep up the ‘escort impact’. For some, people hoping to get the medical advantages without the worry of the psychotropic part, broad-spectrum CBD oil is the best decision.

Altogether, while picking broad-spectrum oil, thus, it is constantly encouraged to ensure you are buying from a brand that gives free outsider lab tests or a Certificate of Analysis to check there is no perceptible THC inside the thing. It is likewise imperative to observe the transporter oil utilized underway. Ensured Organic MCT Oil or the fractionated coconut oil is the most ideal choice here as it likewise gives a more straightforward shading and much cleaner tasting item.

CBD Isolate

Ordinarily, isolates are by and large what they sound to be, alluding to a solitary isolated compound from the plant. This is normally done through a supercritical CO2 extraction technique. Through this interaction chlorophyll, the oils, plant material, and any remaining components are taken out, giving up a 99% unadulterated CBD item. The captivating thing about isolates is that customers would now be able to discover other cannabinoids isolated like CBN and CBG. As more examination is completed on the many known cannabinoids, individuals will actually want to explicitly focus on their collaborations with the body and all medical advantages related with them. Subsequently, this makes it energizing to have the option to tweak cannabinoid profiles by consolidating diverse isolated cannabinoids to frame another item dependent on explicit wellbeing and health needs.


Simple Things You Can Do To Increase Your Home Security

Brightening your new home is unquestionably more fun than setting up security measures. Be that as it may, robbers strike each 25.7 seconds, so home security ought to be a top priority. Some Are very affordable options like To assist you with getting the great stuff, here are 10 straightforward things you ought to do immediately to get your new home.

Here are some simple approaches to get your home set up

Secure the entryways

Try not to help a robber walk around through the front entryway (34% of them do!).2 Inspect the entirety of your outside ways to ensure the door jambs are solid, the pivots are secured, and—if your entryway has a mail opening—that somebody can’t reach through it to open the entryway.

In case you’re moving into a home that another person used to call home, change the entryway locks. That way you will not have outsiders out there with a key to your home, and you can ensure your locks are awesome on the market.

Here are some speedy fortifications we prescribe to help you shore up these indispensable entrances.

  • Introduce a deadbolt.
  • Add a strike plate.
  • Move up to shrewd locks.
  • Lift security with a video doorbell.

Lock the windows

Entryways and windows are the most well-known passage focuses for robbers. Sadly, maker locks on windows aren’t generally compelling—and now and again they’re absolutely feeble. On the off chance that you don’t care for the vibes of your window hooks, meat up security with locks or key-worked switches. In any case, you don’t need to stop there.

We have some other smart thoughts to help make your windows robber evidence.

  • Support glass with window security film.
  • Introduce window or glass break sensors.
  • Add window bars.
  • Plant thorny brambles under first-floor windows (however make certain to keep them managed).

Light up the scene

Miscreants, thieves, and different lawbreakers don’t care to be at the center of attention. Keep awful people under control with abundant open-air lighting. Spotlights around your front and lawns, along pathways, and close to the garage and other open air structures. Not exclusively will you make gatecrashers sketchy, you’ll additionally chop down your danger of stagger on your way up the front advances.

Make your outside security lights significantly more powerful with these tips.

  • Use movement actuated lights.
  • Save energy with sun-based fueled lights.
  • Put open-air lights on a clock.

Remember the garage

This passage highlights your house is getting more famous with crooks. Furthermore, regardless of whether they can’t get to your home, odds are you have a lot of good stuff put away in the garage. Make it a propensity to bolt all ways to the garage—both inside and outside.

You may likewise consider keeping your garage entryway opener in the house. That way a robber can’t get it out of your vehicle. Also, on the off chance that you utilize a security code to open the garage, ensure you keep quiet and never enter it before conveyance individuals, neighbors, or any other person.

  • Here are some more simple approaches to get the garage.
  • Move up to a keen garage entryway opener.
  • Cover windows to conceal the treats inside.
  • Secure garage entryways with additional locks
  • Utilize home mechanization—and never leave the garage entryway open again.

Set up a security system

Your new home ought to have some type of security system, regardless of whether it’s an essential DIY system or one that accompanies proficient observing and home robotization. Today there are a lot of home security alternatives for each spending plan and each degree of assurance.

To pick a system that you’re OK with, assess the requirements of your area and your home. You can contact your nearby police office for neighborhood wrongdoing measurements and help to do a home security assessment of your home.

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Safari Flights – Everything You Wanted to Know

Lately, with the advancement in technology it seems that safari flights have become a necessity. We will try to answer what are the common uses of safari flights and do we really need them.

Safari Flights in South Africa

Safari flights serve us for a vast range of utilities: from a romantic getaway to an amazing weekend away with the guys. It seems that in our days, people want to get where they are going fast. Time is at the essence and since it is our most valuable resource we tend to protect it. Do you really need to book a safari flight?

Probably not, it is more a luxury than a necessity. Nevertheless, for many business man it is crucial to use those services in order to save money. When on the hurry to close a deal, it seems that flying half a globe immediately is the most reasonable thing to do. Many real estate deals involve very large figures. Hence, closing a deal faster, will cause the money transactions to be performed earlier. Moreover, the need for speed is many times caused by the temptations around us and the desire to close a specific deal we want. If we linger too much, we might lose a great business opportunity.

For conclusion, booking a safari flight is probably not a necessity for most of us. Yet, many choose to do so in order to have a glimpse of the good life. A quick romantic gate away is a good example that is gaining a lot of popularity lately.

Titanium Air Safari Flights South Africa

Fly into a South African safari with the luxury of VIP aircraft. We offer Private Charter flights into almost any safari destination across South Africa. Looking for the perfect get away? Enjoy the sightseeing of South Africa in the wild bush on a safari flight.

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Bakkie Canopies South Africa 2

Is A Bakkie Canopy Right For You?

So, you wish to equip your brand-new bakkie to make it your own therefore that it can do more for you. A box cover is among the first devices that most bakkie owners purchase. A canopy or tonneau cover is by far the most beneficial device due to the fact that it assists keep your cargo protected from weather condition and theft. Now to decide, which box cover is right for you. Keep reading to learn some benefits and drawbacks of using a canopy or tonneau cover for your bakkie, and we are excited to share our ideas with you!

Should I Opt for A Truck Canopy?

A canopy is a hard-bodied and windowed cargo covering that is generally the very same height as the bakkie’s cab. Many bakkie owners pick a canopy for a number of factors. A bakkie canopy offers your bakkie an SUV styling and makes it a great place to sleep during camping trips. While your bakkie bed is geared up to manage rain and other weather condition Mother Nature may throw your method, the items you’re transporting around most likely aren’t. Truck canopies supply the best level of defense versus snow, UV rays, and other weather hazards that would otherwise harm valuable equipment and materials you might bring in your bakkie daily.

The extra height supplied by a canopy can help keep any taller pieces of cargo safe from weather condition. On the other hand, the height of a canopy can restrict your cargo. State you discover a ladder or remarkable piece of furniture at a garage sale or auction– however it will not fit within the bed of your bakkue because of the canopy. You may run the risk of missing out on these great finds. Removing and saving your canopy is something you require to plan for. It takes more than a single person to remove the canopy, and you will require to commit an adequate quantity of garage space to store it.

Are you wondering if adding additional weight to your pickup would increase the fuel effectiveness? Regrettably, a canopy reduces the air resistance that is generally triggered when air enters the empty truck bed and develops drag. Eliminating drag with a bakkie bed canopy has been discovered to improve fuel performance by up to 15%.

Or Is A Tonneau Cover Better?

Tonneau covers are more popular than bakkie canopies on bakkies nowadays. This type of cover is flush with the top of the bakkie bed. The idea behind the appeal might be that a tonneau cover enables a truck to keep the beloved truck design while securing the freight. Tonneau covers can be discovered in both tough and soft products– and both kinds of covers have their advantages and drawbacks. Hard-material tonneau covers are available as one long piece that lifts up or as multiple pieces that slide or fold back. These covers are understood for being more long lasting. Sadly, one-piece difficult covers are not as flexible when you need to transport tall pieces of cargo and might limit rear-view visibility when raised. Soft-material tonneau covers are more flexible than the hardcovers considering that you simply roll it back.

Both canopies and tonneau covers offer comfort from passer-by’s with sticky fingers. Based on which cover you decide to install, your bed might end up being more secure than your cab. The additional security and personal privacy used by these truck accessories keep your items safe from potential burglars.

Isuzu D max Canopies

A Look At Canopy Pricing

Bakkie owners love canopies (a.k.a. toppers, topper coverings, camper shells, box shells, truck caps, or truck canopies) for a lot of various factors, but the primary factor to get a topper is to create a large truck storage area that’s weatherproof. While some truck owners desire this space to be secure– or probably comfy adequate to camp in– the majority are attempting to turn their truck bed right into a very large trunk area.

In this blog post, we’ll break down several of the topper options available to brand-new truck buyers, with advantages and disadvantages for every together with cost quotes.


A fundamental topper is despite having the roofline of your truck’s cab, has a liftgate window at the back, and a straightforward webcam lock. It’s not likely to quit a severe theft effort, nor is it likely to accommodate over-sized rear cargo. It’s also not most likely to be extremely simple to work out of, as accessing equipment needs you to “dump” each time you need a tool or piece of equipment that’s closer to the truck taxicab.

  • Do you require an area to stand, or a minimum of crouch? Space for tall cargo? You desire a “high” topper that promotes lots of clearance and/or a high style.
  • Do you want access to the whole bed? If so, you possibly want a topper with side-opening windows. A lot of business toppers have this feature, only some business trucks are beginning to utilize gliding bed cargo trays instead, as they’re a little more convenient than sticking your head thru the side window of a topper.
  • Do you want to mount something to the roof covering of your topper? Some individuals like to install camping equipment, kayaks, mtb, and so on to the roof of their toppers, while business users have a tendency to install ladders or other get ready to top. Regardless, you desire a topper with roofing system rails.
  • Do you need to safeguard costly equipment? Defeating a straightforward camera lock on a basic topper is easy as can be, which is why most industrial systems use sturdy steel or lightweight aluminum locking systems. There are also securing cabinets, tool kits, and so on readily available.
  • Do you require the within to be lined? If you’re in fact likely to camp in your topper, a lined camper covering is a good concept, as it will make points warmer and also quieter, in addition to better.

    There are various other inquiries that you can respond to aid you to specify what you require, however, are enough to state that any additional functions– like a high-rise, roof-mounted rails, lined inside, and so on– enhance the expense pretty substantially. Have a look at these Isuzu D max Canopies.


When you have actually selected the standard features your topper is likely to carry out, it’s time to choose a product. Generally, there are 2 or 3 alternatives (it depends on the manufacturer):.

  1. Aluminum.
  2. Fiberglass.
  3. Composite/Plastic.

Lightweight aluminum is without a doubt the least expensive option: You can commonly acquire a brand new aluminum topper with very little attributes for $900 or less (set up). Nonetheless, aluminum:

  • Is usually white, and a lot of individuals don’t such as just how a white topper looks on a truck that’s any other shade.
  • Over time, aluminum toppers (particularly the least costly toppers) tend to look dull as well as dented.

If you’re not at all concerned concerning appearances (or if you have a white truck) an ordinary Jane white aluminum topper is a great choice. Light weight aluminum is also an excellent choice if you’re attempting to conserve weight, or if you want a significant commercial topper with features like shelving, locking tool kits, dual doors on the sides, and so on.

Johannesburg web design

4 Reasons Why Having A Website Is Important

Your site is among one of the most effective digital advertising tools available for your business. It can offer you as your really own individual 24 × 7 sales team, front work desk, and also an internationally accessible area to reveal to the globe what you sell and also do. If you think about it, whenever we determine to purchase we always seek numerous choices prior to we pick the suitable one. We’re also affected greatly by the support of an attractive, solid legit internet site for the product or service that we’re searching for. As a service or digital marketing business, we ought to come to terms with simply how essential of a tool a site is and also can be.

It is not always naturally very easy to create a successful site. The significant idea, as well as initiative, must be taken into the style as well as the use of a site so that consumers remain engaged.

1. Online Identification is Critical to Success:

Your internet site need not be grand with the best style as well as technological support. Neither do you require the very best content author around to compose your blogs every second day, but you need to recognize just how important it is to have a presence online. Having a website should be the initial step you take to purchase your on-line identification which will aid transform your site right into the marketing device that can be. If someone is looking for Johannesburg web design, the first place people look is online. What we see is ultimately what forms our perception of the brand name or firm in its entirety.

2. Adds Value as well as Fulfillment:

Your website can include value in various other means also, by including ideas, recommendations, blog site columns, Frequently Asked Questions, and also basic passion web content that can amuse your customers. This likewise will certainly help them remember you much better. It’s been stated that a consumer is a person who buys from you once or twice, but a client is a person who purchases from you on a regular basis. The existence of a web site invites both.

3. Advertising and marketing:

A website is a lot more environmentally friendly when it concerns advertising and marketing. There are great deals of ways to promote your service or products with the internet. One example is Facebook ads, an advertising attribute supplied via Facebook. Having a good Search Engine Optimization Agency that positions concentrate on Search Engine Optimization can boost the position of your website which quickly results in increased sales and also higher revenues.

4. Its Functionality Can Be Transformed:

Over time, the demands of your market may vary as time modification as well as it’s wise that we maintain. This implies you need to be able to adjust to these adjustments also. Many modern site systems allow you to add all types of extra capability via upgrades, widgets, plugins and add-ons. It’s likewise feasible to add brand-new functionalities to an internet site by hiring an internet professional or a digital marketing company that can include modifications to your website.

Web design, Web design Johannesburg, Web design Randburg

5 Crucial Questions Prior To Hiring Your Web Designer

When you’re choosing who you’re going to use to get your website built it can be a hard choice. How do you know your web designer is going to offer you what you desire? Just how much will the website be? Can you depend on them after you’ve paid? What occurs if the worst happens? There are lots of possible threats we can help you to prevent.

To help you in your choice making process we’ve created the 5 key things you must watch out for prior to hiring your web designer. After all it’s better to do research study in the first circumstances, instead of invest a lot of wasted cash. This succinct overview will assist you to comprehend a few of the locations you must talk through with potential web designers.

1 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Basically, this means asking if your web designer uses you Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as part of their services. It’s crucial to be clear on what they do provide and what they don’t provide. Numerous web designers may be really efficient at website design however SEO is a specialism in it’s own right. If they do offer SEO learn what the this in fact suggests in reality. Your web developer might well utilize a great deal of terms you might not be familiar with, such as ‘on page optimisation’, ‘off page optimisation’, ‘page rank’, ‘link juice’, ‘link building’, ‘white hat’ and other techniques and so on. It’s worth you making the effort to research study these terms and understand what’s important to you and your website. I would recommend avoiding anybody who tells you they can get you to the top of Google in a week/ 24 hours or some other miracle time period. For example, it can use up to 6 months depending upon what search terms you want to stand for in Google, depending upon how competitive your search terms are. Prevent short-term gain techniques, these will only sabotage your website down the line for short term gain. Another choice to think about is that you might choose to have your custom web design developed by an expert web designer. Then have actually the SEO done by a devoted Search Engine Optimisation expert separately. If you choose to go with this option, it’s worth considering a web designer who utilizes SEO friendly software application in the first circumstances. Ask your web designer if their software is Search Engine Friendly. If yes, ask specifically how is the software application they use SEO friendly?

2 – Communication.

Communication is essential to the success of your task. All of us know this does not just indicate knowing you’ve spoken as soon as and they were extremely keen to understand you and get you on board. You need to seek to do your due diligence. This should offer you a mutual understanding of how well the web designer interacts with their clients. Discover their opening hours. What happens if there’s an issue? Clarify the methods which you can communicate with your web developer? Such as telephone, e-mail, instantaneous message, mobile, text, face to face, online forums? If you have an ongoing contract how will interaction be handled daily?

3 – CMS versus Brochures.

When the internet began, lots of sites looked like pamphlets. You visited a website with lots of fixed, non dynamic pages. Today, with the progressively advanced web technologies that exist, websites such as Facebook and Twitter upgrade dynamically, in real time.

If you understand that you want to upgrade your website yourself you should seriously consider selecting a Content Management System (CMS). The fantastic benefit is that you can run the website yourself. For pamphlet design website you might have pay for updates as the web designer needs to spend time updating the website in your place. If you do choose a pamphlet style website, discover the ongoing management charges. If they do use a CMS system, ask what training you’ll have to get up to speed on using and administering the system.

4 – Speed kills.

Speed does certainly kill. But in this case it’s slow speed that kills. Any website that loads over 6-8 seconds will rapidly switch off visitors. The number of times have you clicked on a website and when it slowly loaded you ‘d had enough? You then moved on or returned to Google. Ask your web designer what hosting packages they use? Is it joint hosting system or on it’s own dedicated server? You should be offered a menu of options for hosting based upon your needs. Beware if not. Follow up with your web designer on how the hosting works? Speak with your web designer about the alternatives for accelerating your website. This can consist of a Content Delivery Network (CDN), caching programs and minify. Does your web developer provide these type of services? Keep in mind, sluggish speed kills, a quick packing website has made the right to be seen and heard.

5 – To be open or closed?

It’s sensible to ask what would occur in the worst case situation? If your web developer’s business failed, would your website still operate? For those web developers who use their own in house technology, learn what takes place if they did go out of business? Would your website still work? For web designers who utilize open source technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc these are open source so the innovation a minimum of must be safe. Inquire about your hosting as well. Is the hosting tied to their own business? Frequently business will use third party hosting outside their own business.


Keep in mind, above all, due diligence on your web designer prior to employing them. What do independent evaluations from previous customers state? How can you interact with them? Do they provide Search Engine Optimsation (SEO)? What technology do they us? Follow these 5 ideas above to obtain a web designer deserving of your task!

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All About WordPress, We’ve Got The Top Tips For You

There are thousands of blogs on the Internet on many different topics. Do you wish that you could be a blogger? If so, you should know how easy it is to get started. By learning a few of the basics of using the popular blogging tool WordPress, you can start your own blog today.

Create A Landing Page

Try to use a landing page when you are using WordPress on your site. This is a great alternative to displaying your current posts as it gives your site flavor and pizzazz. You can even use Premise for WordPress, which is a premium solution that can get you started with the process.

If you have a long title on a post, be sure to clean up your permalink. To illustrate this, “The Best Banana Cream Pie Recipe Taught To Me By My Grandmother” would show as a very long URL that can be annoying to your readers. You can simply shorten that to include only the keywords.

Do you get many comments on your posts? If so, going through all your comments might be tough for you and other people who are reading along. Include a plugin that will add numbers to the pages in this section. This way, navigation will be simpler, and you can organize your site better.

Update Your Theme/Template Regularly

Do not let your theme get stale. The first thing you should do if you notice a decrease in traffic is to check and see when you last changed your theme. As your site grows and changes, the theme should as well. Make sure that it accurately reflects your brand, and you should see a rise in traffic.

Most templates come with a landing page built-in, so make use of it. This stripped-down page allows you to focus their intention on exactly what you want them to look at, be it a sign-up form or a “Buy Now” link. This ensures they take the actions you want them to.

If you don’t like your theme, change it! There are thousands of free themes available online which allow you to quickly and easily change the look of your site without having to know much about HTML coding. Be sure to choose themes from reputable sites to ensure they don’t affect the security of your software.

Cache/Speed Optimization

Make sure that your WordPress site loads as fast as possible for your visitors. This is vital, as a site that crashes or takes too long will discourage your users from visiting it. A fast site will put your users in a good mood when they come there on a daily basis.

Keep close track of visitors to your blog. This is the only way you will be able to improve it to please your reader more. Free WordPress bloggers can use Jetpack stats to do this. Both free and paid bloggers can use Google Analytics. Be sure to make good use of both services if you can because they offer slightly different advantages.

Control unruly spam not by turning off comments, but by installing the right plugin. Aksimet’s anti-spam plugin is exceptional at keeping your site on the up and up. You can also add Recaptcha which adds a captcha to the comments box on your site, ensuring no bots can leave a message.

If you want a post to stay at the top of the page, there is no need to set its date way in the future any longer. Instead, go to the post and click on Edit under Visibility. Choose the option which allows you to make the post sticky and enjoy!

Advertising Solutions Web Design is a professional website design company in Johannesburg. They offer quality web design at affordable prices. Be sure to check them out!

In Conclusion

You have seen how easy it is to get started using WordPress. This powerful software makes blogging a snap. Of course, there is always more to learn about getting the most out of WordPress, so don’t stop here. Keep looking for new tips and tricks to make your blog even better.


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Benefits of On-Site Storage Containers for Construction Sites

Benefits of On-Site Storage Containers for Construction Sites (Residential and Commercial Construction)

There could be several reasons construction business may require on-site storage containers. Whether for a large commercial construction project or little residential renovation, on site storage containers are an integral part of setting up a productive and safe construction site.

In this short article we’ll take a look at how on-site storage containers can benefit your construction service, streamline your operations and cut construction costs.

Continue reading this short article to find out more.

Connect with Topshell– Established in 2005, Topshell is among South Africa’s leading container hire companies. Protect and large storage containers, coupled with their outstanding customer care has actually earned Topshell a rock-solid reputation.

Benefits of On-site Storage Units.


One of the most significant advantages of on-site storage containers is that they use ultimate protection. For example, you may need to store your supplies, equipment, stock, and belongings at a safe place, and for that, a storage unit comes in useful. Such storage units not only offer adequate area to comfortably store your products, but it keeps your belongings secured.

Topshell has a broad collection of on-site storage containers in multiple sizes. These come with a special lockbox to prevent break-in. Moreover, they protect the product against theft and deteriation due to moisture and bad climate condition.

Site Organization.

A well-run construction project primarily counts on the timely supply of equipment. If you go with the alternate choices, it could be very expensive and result in unnecessary and expensive production hold-ups. According to a survey, around 57% of construction workers invest one of the most time trying to find tools or lingering for the supplies to be delivered. However with using storage units, you can much better source and arrange on-site store supplies to be delivered.


Another remarkable benefit of on-site storage containers are that they are portable and can be deliver directly to the place where all items will be loaded or saved. It offers benefit in regards to storage, accessibility, and portability.
When a job is finished, Topshell can likewise move your storage container from one site to another with as much as 35 tons of devices on board.


On site storage containers are extremely versatile. Whether you need on site-storage for structure products, supplies and devices or residential storage for your personal ownerships, our on-site containers provide a convenient, affordable storage solution.


Made from converted shipping containers, our on-site storage systems are weatherproof, strong and resilient. Paired with an unique lock box that avoids forced entry, our range of storage containers supply optimum security and defense, decreasing the risk of theft and vandalism.

Why Choose Topshell Storage Containers?

Topshell has built a rock-solid track record as one of South Africa’s leading on site storage units suppliers. Here’s why:.

Affordable Quality.

Available from just R600 monthly, Topshell Storage Containers are spacious, secure, rust-free, waterproof and air-tight. It also includes wooden floors.


All our on-site storage units are geared up with a special lock box. An extremely effective security step, a lock box is a thick metal casing that is integrated around a lock. This reduces gain access to from bolt cutters to minimize the danger of theft and burglaries.

Turnkey Service.

Our turnkey service includes the delivery, set up, maintenance and collection of storage containers within the Western Cape and Gauteng.

For the very best on-site storage options, think Topshell!

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Forex Trading Guidelines That Are Easy To Understand

The world of forex trading can be difficult, after all, forex is the most significant and most liquid market in the world and consists of all the currencies in use today. Many people lose a great deal of money when trading currencies, however this short article includes numerous tips to help make your forex trading experience successful.

Constantly review and study any losing forex trades. To avoid getting upset, a lot of forex traders will not look at their losing trades. However, by examining currency trades that were not successful you can discover exactly what you did wrong and avoid making the very same mistakes with future trades.

In forex, “if you are unsure how to do something, do not do anything!” says the experts at forexsouthafrica. There is genuine money on the line and if you do not understand why you are making a move that you are making, you should not be doing it because there is a terrific possibility that you will lose your money.

To succeed in Forex trading, keep your trade plans and analysis simple and easy to understand. Well organized, specified, and observed objectives in addition to practices will do you the most great. Resist the urge to over-analyze and especially rationalize your failures, as this will avoid you from learning from them.

Many professionals and books recommend that starting forex traders restrict themselves to trading one currency pair. What goes unmentioned is that experienced traders must also stick to one set, or more or three at the most. The factor is simple: Forex success depends on exhaustive understanding of how a currency pair trades. A trader spread too thin over too many sets will not have actually the knowledge needed to make a profit with any of them.

Get utilized to being in the minority. Lots of people trading in Forex markets and other stock exchanges lose, so if you wish to win you’ve got to be against the tide at least a few of the time. Only a few people win huge and if you want that to be you, be comfortable doing something everyone isn’t doing.

To prevent making the very same Forex trading errors over again, consider keeping a trading journal or diary. By maintaining a journal, you can keep notes on why you made specific trading decisions at particular times and what the outcomes of those choices were. This process can prove to be really handy while you’re discovering Forex trading.

When trading forex, bear in mind that choosing to stand aside and not trade is likewise a position. When you take a position, your method must strive to position you in the position with the highest probability of revenues, or at least loss-prevention. Sometimes, the best position is beyond the marketplace.

Hopefully, the guidance provided above has actually made forex trading appear less intimidating to you. So, use the concepts from this article today and see if you can grow your forex trading earnings. Your objective needs to be to turn into one of the 10 % who go into the market and continually generate income.