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Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Damaged Windscreen?

Every road user knows the awful experience of an object crashing into the windscreen. In some cases this may lead to substantial damage triggered by a bird or sizable stone, and sometimes it may be merely an irritating little fracture on the windscreen.

We then have to ask the concern– is it better to repair or to replace the windscreen— and should this be done sooner or later?

On the Arrive Alive website we have actually highlighted the value of windscreen safety in an area entitled “Road Safety and Your Windscreen”.

I want to estimate from this:

” Modern automobiles fitted with air bags use the windscreen as an assistance surface area versus which the passenger airbag inflates. The windscreen assists ensure that the air bag is properly placed to safeguard the occupants when it deploys. A badly fitted windscreen might pop out when subjected to the airbag pressure, therefore rendering both air bag and windscreen worthless.

While windscreen repair is more economical than replacement, if you wait too long, and the damage has time to spread out, windscreen repair will no longer be an option. Remember that even if a windscreen is chipped does not imply that it needs to be absolutely changed. Thirty percent of the time a windscreen can be quickly and successfully fixed prior to the damage worsens. The essential thing is that, once a vehicle driver notifications a chip or a crack, it must be repaired as quickly as possible, to prevent additional damage that may hinder presence.”

The above priced estimate information confirms that not all harmed windscreens require to be replaced– they can frequently be fixed. This ought to nevertheless just be thought about when performed by a specialist in the field of windscreen repair– so as not to present additional safety concerns!

Will automobile insurance cover the cost of fixing or replacing my windscreen?
Assuming that you are covered for glass damage, your vehicle insurance plan will cover the repair or replacement of your windscreen. You will nevertheless be liable to pay an excess amount if the windscreen is replaced, probably in the area of R500. The majority of vehicle insurance companies will repair your windscreen free of charge if it is repairable.

How to choose whether to repair or replace a windscreen? How Does Windscreen Repair Work?
We have chosen to share info supplied by Glasfit, a leader in the repair of windscreens. Glasfit utilizes a technology that requires the air out of the glass imperfection. It is then replaced it with an unique resin that matches your windscreen’s strength, tint and light refraction.

The most considerable factor to decide this concern is the area of the damage. Glasfit has divided the windscreen into 2 Zones:

Zone A:

This is the most important zone for the motorist’s line of vision. No matter how little the damage, for your safety, NO repairs are allowed in this area

Zone B:

Damage in this zone can be fixed if:

Fractures do not surpass 150mm in length; extend through more than the outer layer of glass or range from the edge of the windscreen

Chip damage does not go beyond 25mm in size and crater damage is under 5mm in size
The number of times has your windscreen been repaired?

If your windscreen has actually been previously repaired eight or more times, NO even more repairs are permitted

We want to prompt all lorry owners to pay attention to their windscreens– A fixed windscreen will conserve loan– and perhaps save your life!