Wedding Favours

10 Budget-Friendly Wedding Favour Ideas

Favours are one element of the wedding that couples are constantly on the fence about, they are a sweet little gesture to provide thanks to your guest but when built up they can wind up as an expensive extra. Well, to help you choose we’ve found 12 fun yet budget-friendly Wedding Favours under or around R10 to gift your guests on the special day. A number of these are also ideal as place card holders or escort card markers too, so continue reading for some excellent some loan conserving ideas …

1. A DIY Wedding Soundtrack

A return the mix-tape days, creating a CD of your favourite tunes as a couple, the wedding playlist or tunes that show your relationship or memories from your single days is an enjoyable gift to offer to wedding guests. The secret to this wedding favour, is just like the others, presentation – come up with a lovely design or label that deals with your design. The examples we’ve picked above demonstrate how cool a basic CD can be.

2. Ferrero Rocher Treats

Who does not like chocolate?! Pop the guest’s name on a cocktail stick and pop into the Ferrero Rocher and voila! You have both an affordable wedding favour your guests will love which also doubles up a perfect place card or escort card holder.

3. Lucky Lotto Ticket or Scratch Cards

Who doesn’t enjoy the excitement of a scratch card!? Package the lotto tickets up well, maybe in a pretty little envelope with the guest’s name to double up as a placecard or escort card. You might even provide your visitors with a fortunate cent to scratch!

4. Pretty Tea Bags

There’s absolutely nothing more reassuring than a cup of tea. Discover herbal teas such as mint, jasmine, earl grey in beautiful packaging for an instant, low-cost wedding favour. Or, create your own blends to mark the event! Over on Project Wedding they have a great little tutorial for creating your own do it yourself tea bag wedding favours.

5. Kinder Surprise

A favourite of kids and big kids alike, a kinder surprise at every place setting will bring much delight to your guests as an excellent method to break the ice as they all compete to put their surprises together. One Fab Day genuine wedding couple Graham and Marie had Kinder Surprise favours at their wedding that decreased a reward!

6. Delicious Popcorn

Make your favours pop with popcorn! A great, light little treat that visitors can munch on when they seem like it. And it’s simple on the wallet if you package the popcorn yourself, you can purchase cellophane bags from craft stores or popcorn bags from Etsy. Cornude also provide a fantastic craftsmen popcorn bar service allowing your guests to fill up their own bags to take away.

7. Fancy Fruit

Believe apples, pears or mini punnets of berries or cherries. Make certain to select in-season fruits for a better offer or discover less expensive options direct from a farm or shops like Aldi or Lidl. Put a cute tag on it and it makes a great location card holder too!

8. Mini Party Animals

All it requires to make these enjoyable little favors is plastic toys, some spray paint and a little bit of imagination. You could get the toys in bulk from discount stores or even charity/thrift stores and the spray paint from hardware or art shops.

9. Do It Yourself Candy Buffet

Buy bulk bags of darlings online or from stores such as Dealz, place in lovely vessels and offer charming product packaging for visitors to fill and bring house.

10. Revitalizing Mints

Perfect for refurbishing after the wedding meal, mints are a terrific economical wedding favour option. Again, you can buy mints in bulk online or multipacks of mint rolls or Tic Tacs from discount stores. Location in little paper bags and make them a bit individual by adding charming little sticker labels or tags that say mint to be!