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How To Choose A Website Hosting Package

Now that you’re up to speed on the functions of web hosting services use, it’s time to select a hosting plan to bring your site online. When you browse between numerous web hosting’s items you’ll see five main bundles available: shared, devoted, VPS, reseller, and handled WordPress. Let’s summarize briefly what each of these hosting types is.

Shared site hosting

More or less thought about the “entry-level” of hosting, Shared Hosting is when you and other customers are given access to one physical server so you’re basically sharing or “renting” the exact same key resources (e.g. CPU, RAM, disk space, etc.). And, due to the fact that you’re not paying for the full server costs– only the parts you’re using–, the cost is extremely cost-effective.


  • Most affordable hosting available (Stellar starts at $1.44/ mo).
  • Ideal for any first-time, low-traffic, or low-bandwidth site.
  • Needs very little tech competence.
  • Easy to set up (the Softaculous app immediately sets up any CMS).
  • Consists of a complimentary Website Builder with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • 50 Positive SSL Certificates (complimentary for the 1st year).
  • Automatic backups.


  • Has specific LVE limits (maybe not enough for high-traffic websites).
  • A limited quantity of storage area.
  • Website efficiency can change, depending upon other consumers’ use levels.
  • Shared hosting is the most popular kind of hosting because it’s low-cost and easy to set up. It’s perfect for any brand new, low traffic and low bandwidth website.

WordPress hosting with EasyWP.

Unlike the hosting choices we’ve gone over hence far, EasyWP true managed WordPress hosting is ready to go within just a few minutes. With other types of hosting, there’s a discovering curve when it comes to figuring out how to set up WordPress (or another CMS) and managing hosting.

Easy WP is powered by Namecheap’s cloud innovation, which is the most recent cloud technology-enhanced totally for WordPress. Fully containerized, the Namecheap cloud has 99.9% uptime and its speed is up to three times faster than a standard WordPress website on traditional shared hosting.


  • Easy setup– all set to use at simply the click of a button.
  • Faster than WordPress sites on standard shared hosting.
  • Handle all your WordPress websites from one dashboard with a single login.
  • Easy migration service.


Less control over the technical side of website and server management and might not appeal to advanced users.

EasyWP handled WordPress hosting is the ideal option for those who do not wish to be so hands-on with the technical side of the day-to-day running of their website. With its single dashboard and easy-to-use user interface, you can concentrate on discovering how to use WordPress itself and producing quality material.

VPS hosting

Comparable to shared hosting, there are numerous customers (sites) running off the same servers, however with VPS, the number is far, far fewer and you have devoted resources. Similar to devoted hosting plans, you’ll have to take care of technical jobs related to your server yourself if you opt for VPS hosting.


  • Great and dependable performance.
  • Less expensive than devoted hosting plans.
  • Customizable server setup.
  • Enough storage space and bandwidth to power data-heavy, hectic websites.


  • More pricey than shared hosting.
  • Requires technical knowledge if you go with a self-managed VPS bundle.

VPS prevails among website owners who need more storage and bandwidth than is offered through shared hosting strategies. They may discover dedicated hosting is above and beyond their requirements concerning cost and flexibility. Like with devoted hosting, be sure to search for a fully managed choice if you do not have the abilities or any help with the handling of server admin jobs.

Dedicated hosting.

When you purchase dedicated hosting, you will not be sharing a server or any resources with anyone, and you get an entire server to yourself. This design of hosting provides you more control. You can configure everything on the server because it’s usually self-managed – which does not match all webmasters.

Using this hosting means you need to look after all the technical tasks that the hosting company would typically deal with for you in a shared hosting service. There is the alternative of completely handled devoted hosting. However, this is another rate tier up and not within normal hosts basic packages, so you may have to go trying to find it.


  • A dedicated server suggests you’re not sharing with other sites and will not be impacted by others.
  • More storage space and bandwidth than shared hosting.


  • Greatest priced hosting.
  • Requires innovative technical knowledge.

Committed hosting is the ideal choice for websites with large bandwidth and storage requirements. If you do not have the technical competence or time to handle your own server and you don’t have anybody available to help, completely managed dedicated hosting is the ideal choice for you.