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ClearVu See-Through Fence Systems

See-Through Fence systems are extremely reliable security fencing services. See-Through Fences are established for all applications needing a high degree of security and where presence is important therefore not obscuring the view. It is an economical alternative to the current bonded mesh and steel- and concrete palisade.

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It is safe and secure and discreet

The systems provide security where a discreet visual influence on the immediate environment is vital. It provides a more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing look however still with highly reliable security functions. Panels are supplied with bends for added rigidness and style or flat in a single layer.

Vandal resistant

Transparent fences are very robust and difficult to cut with conventional bolt or wire cutters. It is likewise an anti-climb fence system because toe’s or fingers will not be able to hold due to little mesh apertures.

Excellent viewing visibility

The panels are transparent and appear almost invisible from a range. This is especially important for unblocked camera surveillance, either from the front or at an angle. It is also essential that the fence does not block any views.


The fence panels of our various systems vary, however in a lot of circumstances the panels are extremely broad thereby reducing the quantity of posts needed. The system is supplied with accessories and there is no drilling or forming on site. Installation time and costs are therefore also reduced. The panels are fixed laterally onto the posts and protected with anti-vandal metal security components. The IPE posts are galvanised. Our See-Through fence systems can likewise be combined with an electric fence. Our shark-teeth spikes can be added to the top of the fence for extra security.


There are 2 coating choices readily available, namely PVC or Zinc-Alu. With PVC coating the panels are sealed with an adhesion epoxy coating prior to the PVC coating. Zinc-Alu very wire finishing is 95% Zinc and 5% Aluminium and is three times more durable than common galvanised wire. (SANS 10244-2. Minutes of 275g/m2 ). The Zinc-Alu is extremely advised for applications in a high deterioration environment such as along the coast or in industrial

The Standard See-Through Fence System

The most typically used and basic type of transparent fence.
The panels are bent and have scallop edging for included protection.
The weight of a panel is 5kg/ m2.
The Standard See-Through Fence is perfect for applications needing maximum security without forfeiting design and visual appeal.
It appropriates for commercial, commercial, facilities and interaction advancements and can likewise be advised for schools, parks and even residential applications.

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From Top 10 energy facilities to brand name conscious business locations, we safeguard valuable resources in environments from the exceedingly extreme to the definitely calm.

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