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SEO & Web Design Myths, Uncovered!

Why are there so many Web Design and Search Engine Optimization myths on the internet? The following article exposes some of the most common SEO myths affecting web design and looks at the reasons why they have become widely accepted as the truth by many web designers and Webmasters.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and diverse topic that’s both never constant and constantly changing. There are hundreds of myths about SEO, some were once true but no longer apply (outdated information), while others were simply never true, to begin with (disinformation).

A large number of different opinions and tactics used by both Web Designers and SEO Consultants (which can be completely contrasting) has also helped to create myths. Combine this with a large number of web forums and blogs that allow people to share their views, and you have the perfect environment for not only creating myths but for them to spread like a viral epidemic. Here are some of the most common myths explained.

Myth Name: Build it and they will come
Myth Description: The belief that a website will receive large quantities of targeted traffic as soon as it goes online.

Truth: The biggest myth I still come across most days is the aptly named “build it and they will come myth”. The cause of the myth is a combination of outdated information, a non-realistic, over-optimistic site owner or a lack of understanding of the web. Back in the old days of the internet, you could “build a site and they would come”, just by submitting to the main search engines of the day (to a degree). This was largely due to the lack of websites around at the time, meaning top positions were that much easier to secure.

Nowadays a site must be advertised just like any business. A good analogy is your site is a shop and a search engine is a high-street. The only problem is your shop is not on the high-street, so some kind of sign is required to inform passers-by where you are and what you do.

Myth Name: Search Engine Submission Myths
Myth Description: The belief that a website needs to submit every page to the search engines. The belief that regular or monthly submissions will result in better search engine rankings. The belief that a website needs to keep on submitting to search engines or they will forget about the site. The belief that if a website submits to thousands of search engines its traffic levels will go through the roof.

Truth: While some of these myths used to have a bit of truth to them, nowadays search engine submission is not required at all. The myths have been caused mainly by companies who provide submission services. This is because it’s financially in their interest for people to believe the myths are true.

It doesn’t hurt to submit to the major search engines but indexing can be achieved simply by getting links to a site (as long as the page where the link is on is known to the search engines).

There is also no point at all submitting to thousands of search engines. There are only a handful of search engines that people actually use. Many of the other search engines have been created to obtain the submitter’s email address which is then added to email lists (which spammers will pay money for).

Myth Name: Meta Tag Optimisation
Myth Description: The belief that search engine optimisation is just about Meta tags.

Truth: Meta tags used to be very important to rankings until search engines became more complex. While some Meta tags are still important to the description and title tags which most search engines will display on their results (so they can influence click-through rates drastically). Most tags like the keyword tag are obsolete.

I believe the cause of this myth is twofold. One, because it’s outdated information (to a degree) and two, because people want to believe there’s a secret magic formula that only SEO’s know about. That way a lack of rankings is not their fault, plus it keeps the conspiracy theorists happy.

Myth Name: Ethical Search Engine Optimisation
Myth Description: The belief that there are two types of SEO, black hat and white hat (the old good versus evil).

Truth: Quite simple this one but nearly always overlooked. Any attempt to alter the search engines results and obtain more traffic is against most search engines guidelines. While there are tactics that may get you banned and others that may not or are not widely known about (yet), all of them are trying to influence the results and therefore are against the guidelines. SEO is neither black nor white, but many shades of grey. Just try to know what you’re doing and more importantly the associated risks.

Myth Name: Google’s PageRank (PR) is the most important aspect of a sites ability to rank
Myth Description: Self-explanatory this one, the belief that PR is a god-like entity we must all worship in order to obtain rankings.

Truth: It is widely believed by expert SEO’s and even been stated by Google Guy (a Google employee) that the PR we see on the toolbar is out of date as soon as we get to see it. Google update PR constantly but only update the toolbar PR now and then. PR is also only one part of a complex ranking system. How big a percentage it plays in rankings, only Google knows.

One thing for sure, it doesn’t matter how good your PR is on the toolbar, it’s not going to get you any more traffic from Yahoo or MSN (you heard it here first).

There are many more web design myths about SEO, most of which can be spotted if you read between the lines and think about whether it would make sense for a search engine. One of the most important parts of SEO is finding a reliable source of information. If you want to learn more, a good place to start is one of the numerous SEO Forums on the web.

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Tips On Designing Your Perfect Website

If you’re going to truly have a web occurrence for your enterprise, it only is practical that it will actually help you to get more business. To carry out so, your web page design should give attention to performing only 1 function – and that is to mention your sales note to your website visitors in an efficient and successful manner.

No real matter what your web design service tells you, straightforwardness is most beneficial when building your enterprise website. Whilst having a site with tons of smart colors and flashy interactive images might win web site design awards, it’ll most likely not help you gain customers. Actually, the more difficult your web site design, the higher the chance that your sales meaning will be lost amidst all the elegant great features on your site. See website design costs in South Africa.

For most smaller businesses, a straightforward and elegant 4 or 5 site website is all they have to complete the job. As an extra benefit, such sites are inexpensive in comparison with flashier multimedia system sites. If you’d like your enterprise website to boost your profits rather than emptying your pocketbook, absorb the next design recommendations when you build your site.

Make YOUR SITE Readable
For your website to get sales and/or leads, your enterprise website design must be customer and consumer-friendly – which means it requires to be readable. So, short phrases and paragraphs, dark words on white (or very, very light) backgrounds and a lot of white space ought to be the norm. You are also able to buy backlinks to increase your website rankings.

At the chance of sounding such as a destroyed record, I’ll say it again – the goal of having a site for your enterprise isn’t to get design honors. It’s to mention information about your service or product that guides the buyer toward making a buying decision on your side.

If you feel that dark websites and shaded text on coloured backgrounds appears better, you may well be right. However, as I pointed out earlier noisy colors and unnecessary graphics only provide to distract attention from the sales communication within your websites content and makes your site harder to learn. Keep in mind: keep it simple and you will keep the deal.

Also, understand that web users have a tendency to scan text rather than reading it learn to finish like branded text. Because the majority of these potential customers won’t read your entire content, use headlines, subheadings, and bolded word that quickly present your overall communication. Done properly, a visitor can scan your entire headlines, subheads, and strong text in simply a couple of seconds and understand the central note of your site or webpage.

Make YOUR SITE An easy task to Navigate
Since the main reason for your site is to mention information, you should design your website therefore the information it includes is not hard to find. If you make it possible for these potential customers to get around your site, they’ll many thanks with their us dollars. Make it difficult, and they’re going to leave your website before you say “Google and Yahoo.”

At the smallest amount, you ought to have a navigation pub on every website that includes a hyperlink back again to your website also to every top-tier site in your website. Furthermore, you should think about putting links back again to the previous site visited at the very top and lower part of the existing webpage. Some websites use “bread crumbs” for this function – a “trail” of links that show each webpage visited since getting at the website.

Lastly, ensure that there are no busted links on your website. Damaged links may well not appear like a huge deal for you, but to a niche site visitor who was simply clicking on a web link to find out more they are a significant aggravation. Fix your destroyed links!

Oh, and incidentally, making your site easy to get around will also help the various search engines to find and index your pages, which can help you to get more traffic above the long haul.

ENSURE THAT YOUR Website Loads Quickly
Even though high-speed access to the internet has become very reasonable and available in modern times, many users remain using dial-up contacts to gain access to the internet. Remember that these folks get very frustrated when they need to wait 5 minutes for your web site to fill. You will eventually lose these site visitors if your website files are too big and take too much time to load.

website designKeep photos, images, and animations to a sophisticated minimum amount on your websites, and keep your total web page size under 50K to ensure maximum functionality for these potential customers. In addition, stay away from vocals on your internet pages unless it is completely necessary – music data remember to insert, and can annoy these potential customers enough to make sure they are leave your site.

Incidentally, smaller and faster launching webpages make it easier for the various search engines to spider and get ranking your site – an extra bonus for maintaining your page records small as well as your weight times fast. Read more on choosing the best web design company.

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Personal Loans: What Do I Have to Know?

If you are seeking to get personal loans, there are some standard things that you need to understand. Sadly, lots of find themselves in major monetary problem when they jump into a loan, without first understanding the inner workings. A personal loan is quite various to a credit card, and other loans, such as fast cash loans or a home loan, so, we have outlined some important indicate consider.

Exactly what Is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is distinct in that it is usually an unsecured financial obligation. This means that there are no collateral concerns that you might deal with as compared to other loan types.

For instance, if you have an auto loan, the bank, or other loan provider that puts up the money for the loan, has the right to take the automobile into possession if you do not pay. With a personal loan, there isn’t collateral installed, so it’s most likely that it will take a greater credit score will be required to receive one.

Personal loans are likewise basically installment loans. Installation loans have actually a fixed payment schedule, over the course of a couple years, normally, and will on a regular basis have a set rates of interest. With a charge card, there are fluctuating quantities of financial obligation, depending on the amounts you have been investing, and of course, payments will go up and down due to rate of interest and the quantity owed.

While there are such things as safe loans, they tend to be a bit more uncommon. Periodically, you will see a loan taken out that is backed by a savings account or some other kind of property.

If you default on the loan, the bank or loan provider will can take that security in order to recoup some of the losses. With this in mind, the unsecured loan is by far a lot more typical.

Credit History is Crucial

When getting a personal loan, your credit history is important. The credit rating will be inspected rather carefully, as well as any credit report, beyond just the numbers. This is since the lending institution understands that the loan might go bad, and at that point, there is no easy recourse.

Ultimately, this makes the lenders a bit cautious, for that reason forcing them to position a lot of focus on your credit report. As a general rule of thumb, the greater your credit rating, the better off you will be as far as rates of interest is worried. This naturally greatly affects what the regular monthly payments will be.

For example, if you have a credit history of 725, you are a lot more likely to find a budget friendly loan than if you had a score of 500 – which coincidentally, will most likely make a personal loan all but difficult anyhow. If you do get a personal loan, it’s likely that the interest rate will be close to charge card levels.

Interest rates can differ drastically, so make certain you compare personal loan rates. Nevertheless, if the interest rate is extremely low, it could signal that possibly there are other costs involved. Ensure to go through the term documents completely to ensure that you completely comprehend if there are any additional costs or requirements.

For more information, please visit The Cash It to find out more on how you can get cash fast!

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Celebrating The Good, Bad and Boring at Your Year-End Function

We’ve all been to some terrible office parties and year-end events. Being placed at a table where you don’t know the group and struggle to keep conversation going can be torture. You endure tedious small talk as you make your way through the main course. You sit and nod through detailed retellings of trips to Thailand as you wait for the annual awards to begin. You laugh politely at kid-friendly office anecdotes as you try desperately to flag a bartender down. Does this have to be so boring?

If that sounds terrible, bear in mind that familiarity isn’t always a saving grace. You could be equally tempted to monopolise the table wine in certain well-known company. You’ve already heard all you care to know about Margaret’s pottery class and the ‘enlightening’ documentaries John is watching on Netflix. Seriously, it’s a year-end function with an open bar – surely this could be more fun!

While we can’t do anything about Margaret’s prattling about pottery, we can make your year-end event more fun! Just about everyone we’ve ever met at events, loves a photo booth and year end events are no different. Maybe you have a strong office squad and want to make some cool memories for the fridge? Maybe you’re looking for a fun conversation starter with that group you don’t know yet? Maybe you just want hard-copy evidence of how incredible your hair looks! By booking a QuikPix Photo Booth for your year-end function, you’re ensuring hours of entertainment, ice-breakers and excuses to leave the table. You can thank us later!

Most of all, once you get past some boring small talk, we think year-end events are really special. It’s a night of celebration with the people you’ve spent the most time with this whole year. You’ve been side by side on the early mornings and the late nights. You’ve eaten out of mismatched Tupperware at the same table and accidentally used each other’s coffee mugs. Now, at the end of the year, you deserve to spend a more glamorous night together too! Let your hair down and we will be there to capture the moment at it’s best!

Looking for a year-end function, bachelors party, or a wedding photo booth? QuickPix is just a phone call away.


Things You Should Keep In Mind When Choosing a Trading Broker

The retail forex market is so competitive that simply thinking about having to sort through all the readily available brokers can provide you with a significant headache. Picking which forex broker to trade with can be an extremely overwhelming task especially if you do not understand what you need to be trying to find.


The most important characteristic that a great broker should have is a high level of security. After all, you’re not going to turn over countless dollars to a person who simply claims he’s legit, ideal? Fortunately, inspecting the credibility of a forex broker isn’t really difficult. There are regulatory agencies all over the world that separate the trustworthy from the deceptive. Be sure to ask questions about prospective brokers, such as is globex360 regulated?

Transaction Costs

No matter what sort of currency trader you are, like it or not, you will always go through deal costs. Every time you enter a trade, you will need to pay for either the spread or a commission so it is only natural to look for the most economical and most inexpensive rates.
Often you might need to sacrifice low transaction for a more dependable broker.

Make sure you know if you require tight spreads for your kind of trading, and after that examine your offered alternatives. It’s all about finding the right balance between security and low transaction costs.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Good FX brokers will permit you to deposit funds and withdraw your profits problem-free. Brokers actually have no reason to make it hard for you to withdraw your earnings due to the fact that the only factor they hold your funds is to assist in trading.

Your broker just holds your money to make trading simpler so there is no reason for you to have a tough time getting the profits you have actually made. Your broker needs to make certain that the withdrawal process is rapid and smooth.

Trading Platform

In online forex trading, a lot of trading activity takes place through the brokers’ trading platform. This means that the trading platform of your broker needs to be easy to use and steady.

When trying to find a broker, constantly inspect what its trading platform has to offer. Does it provide complimentary news feed? How about user friendly technical and charting tools? Does it present you with all the details you will need to trade effectively?


What Is An Installment Loan and Should You Consider It?

An installation loan exists any time you borrow cash from a lending institution in exchange for agreeing to make primary and interest payments over an agreed-upon period. This loan product contrasts with a revolving line of credit, which can be drawn down, as much as a limit, or repaid at any time within the term.
A lot of the loans that customers recognize with, such as a mortgage, student loan, individual loan, or car loan are considered instalment loans. Business loans can be instalment loans too.

If you’re interested in pursuing a term loan however aren’t sure if you totally understand how it works, keep reading to discover what an installation loan is and how it might help your company to choose a loan assistant.

Instalment Loans: What You Need to Know

How to Apply for an Installment Loan:
Given that the term “instalment loan” encapsulates numerous different types of loans– from a short-term loan to a building loan– the application process will differ. For instance, while you might go online, discover a microloan, finish a few kinds, and be authorized in simply a couple of organisation days, getting a building loan may be far more complicated.

Usually, you ought to anticipate to supply financial info about yourself and your business when using online or in-person for an instalment loan. You should also have a clear plan for how you prepare to utilize the loan and how you’ll pay off your balance.

Installation Loan Repayment Terms:
An instalment loan is typically repaid in equal amounts over the lifetime of the loan. However, some instalment loans will have interest-only durations or adjustable rates, in which your payments might alter over the loan term. It’s likewise crucial to keep in mind that some instalment loans may have prepayment charges which makes it crucial that you comprehend the particular conditions of your loan.

How Installment Loans Affect Your Credit Scores:
Initially, when you’re shopping for an instalment loan, your credit rating may take a small hit because prospective lenders might make difficult questions on your credit. However, if you pay on time and in full, over the long-lasting, an instalment loan will assist your credit history.

Still, remember that when you get a loan, there’s constantly a threat– even if it’s small– of default or late payments which will adversely impact your credit history. Much like when you miss a charge card payment, not repaying your loan could hurt your service’s credit, which in turn affects your whole operations.

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CBD Oil – What You Should Know

The appeal of cannabis, particularly hemp CBD, has actually skyrocketed over the last 3 years and continues to grow with projections forecasting that the CBD market might reach $22 Billion by 2024!

Twenty-six percent of Americans have actually attempted CBD a minimum of once in the past 2 years. For clients with conditions that appear to respond to CBD treatment, the numbers are much greater. A recent survey shows that 57% of arthritis patients have actually attempted cannabis and CBD for medical factors.

If you’re considering trying CBD for the very first time, read our Beginner’s Guide to CBD.

While a growing number of individuals are using CBD, there is minimal research into the possible short and long term adverse effects of CBD oil, although preliminary evidence is pointing to very little, if any, negative reactions experienced by the public.

Current Status of Cannabis

Individuals have been using the marijuana plant as medication for centuries to deal with a range of conditions, such as:

  • Anxiety and mood conditions
  • Pain (the most typical usage for medical marijuana).
  • Queasiness or vomiting from chemotherapy.
  • Epileptic seizures.
  • Muscle stiffness or convulsions from numerous sclerosis.
  • Many other uses.

Research study is starting to turn the tide on the years old notions that cannabis is the devil’s lettuce, and increasingly more states are starting to legislate it for medical and/or recreational purposes.

While individuals are beginning to open to the idea, there is still a preconception related to cannabis, specifically when it concerns leisure cannabis. This is primarily due to THC. THC is the chemical substance in cannabis that is responsible for making you high.

CBD (See: cbd oil south africa), on the other hand, appears to offer the very best of both worlds when stemmed from hemp. CBD consists of medical residential or commercial properties and has actually been revealed to reduce signs of lots of conditions, without the psychedelic effects of THC.

Despite the fact that cannabis derivatives are emerging as more secure options over conventional prescription medications, we still have a lot to discover.

What is CBD?

To comprehend the side effects of CBD, we initially need to comprehend what is CBD. As mentioned, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in the marijuana plant. Unlike it’s cousin THC, you will not get high from CBD.

There are several ranges of marijuana that heighten specific characteristics of the plant. One variety of cannabis that is accountable for the CBD market rise is hemp. Hemp includes a high amount of CBD, and just trace amounts of THC … that makes it the favored plant for extracting CBD.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD takes effect by dealing with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS plays a big role in regulating numerous significant functions in our bodies such as state of mind, pain level of sensitivity and sleep patterns.

Our endocannabinoid systems produces cannabinoids of our own that bind with receptors all throughout our bodies. Cannabinoids from plants (such as CBD and THC) engage with these receptors as well, and can assist people who do not produce enough cannabinoids themselves.

Is CBD Oil Addictive?

There is no known danger of dependency to CBD. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that CBD is well endured by many people and is thought about safe which “CBD oil shows no negative effects a sign of any abuse or reliance capacity.”.

The report also states that “To date, there is no evidence of public health related issues associated with making use of pure CBD.”.

So to put it simply, there is no evidence that CBD hemp oil is either physically or emotionally habit forming.

That being said, some people can develop a tolerance to cannabinoids in general. Some might even experience side effects of withdrawal if they stop taking CBD oil regularly, such as irritability, restlessness or queasiness.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

Numerous studies on the security and negative effects of CBD oil have actually suggested that CBD is normally safe and non-toxic in people and animals which high doses up to 1,500 mg/day of CBD are well tolerated by people.

While the WHO has likewise specified that CBD is generally well tolerated by many people and is thought about safe, there are some people who may be particularly conscious cannabinoids and might experience some minor side effects.

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How to Apply for a Personal Loan as a Student

As a student, you might not have a great deal of money to your name to for items that you need to enhance your life, such as purchasing an automobile or paying off tuition debt. It can feel overwhelming to have to handle scrimping and saving to spend for these however with a personal loan, you will be able to afford whatever you require to make life a little simpler.

Know your credit rating

Before you collect your information and documents, you will need to find out your credit rating. This can be done by getting in touch with the credit bureau or totally free online. You will receive a credit report with your history and rating, which will detail all your credit financial obligation if you have any.

If you see any disparities in this report, you will require to phone the right bureau and provide them with the appropriate details in order to correct mistakes. You will be able to discuss any financial obligations you need to your bank by being prepared ahead of time or describe why up until now you have not had any credit behind your name.

Get your essential files in order

When obtaining Personal loans South Africa, there are certain files that you will require to provide the bank with, as laid out listed below.

A legitimate South African identity file or card
Proof of residential address
The last three payslips or 3 month’s bank declarations
If you are jobless however coping with your parents or guardians, you can provide their payslips or banks statements to the bank, as they will most likely need to stand surety for your loan in case you are unable to pay.

Calculate affordability

If you are going to be using the personal loan for a cars and truck, it would be smart to use a vehicle retail value calculator in order to see how much of a loan you can manage. By doing this, you will have the ability to ask the bank for a specific quantity and which design of automobile you have an interest in. Preparation such as this reflects positively on you in the eyes of any bank.

A personal loan for a student can likewise be used to buy stationery and spend for daily living expenditures, particularly if you have already secured a student loan. Student loans will spend for tuition however sometimes very little else. You will require to determine your regular monthly expenditures and any stationery requires you have in order to reach a quantity that will help you cover these.

Discover the ideal loan for your requirements

Do not be reluctant to look around and look for lenders that will finest suit your needs. It is important to find a loan that has rates of interest that you can pay for to repay. Check rates of interest, fees, loan terms and payment options before signing any documents.

You could go to each prospective bank or banks with your files and ask to offer you a quote on a personal loan. This will enable you to discover whether or not it is possible for you to even make an application for a loan when you have explained your circumstances. If you do not have an earnings of some form then you may not be eligible at some banks, so discovering this info out prior to using is vital.

Find a co-signer

For anyone who may have a bad credit report or none at all, finding a co-signer for a loan is a practical choice for loan approval. A co-signer is someone who handles the obligation of making the repayments should you fail to do so, so make sure to discover somebody who you trust.

The co-signer takes on your loan duty too, making this a severe choice. You could ask a family member to be your co-signer but keep in mind that they will also be taking on the payments of your loan if you are unable to.

Be reasonable

Using for a personal loan is a major endeavor and you will require to be reasonable about your situation. If your credit rating is low and if you have little to no work history, you may be rejected a loan outright.

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How To Choose A Website Hosting Package

Now that you’re up to speed on the functions of web hosting services use, it’s time to select a hosting plan to bring your site online. When you browse between numerous web hosting’s items you’ll see five main bundles available: shared, devoted, VPS, reseller, and handled WordPress. Let’s summarize briefly what each of these hosting types is.

Shared site hosting

More or less thought about the “entry-level” of hosting, Shared Hosting is when you and other customers are given access to one physical server so you’re basically sharing or “renting” the exact same key resources (e.g. CPU, RAM, disk space, etc.). And, due to the fact that you’re not paying for the full server costs– only the parts you’re using–, the cost is extremely cost-effective.


  • Most affordable hosting available (Stellar starts at $1.44/ mo).
  • Ideal for any first-time, low-traffic, or low-bandwidth site.
  • Needs very little tech competence.
  • Easy to set up (the Softaculous app immediately sets up any CMS).
  • Consists of a complimentary Website Builder with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • 50 Positive SSL Certificates (complimentary for the 1st year).
  • Automatic backups.


  • Has specific LVE limits (maybe not enough for high-traffic websites).
  • A limited quantity of storage area.
  • Website efficiency can change, depending upon other consumers’ use levels.
  • Shared hosting is the most popular kind of hosting because it’s low-cost and easy to set up. It’s perfect for any brand new, low traffic and low bandwidth website.

WordPress hosting with EasyWP.

Unlike the hosting choices we’ve gone over hence far, EasyWP true managed WordPress hosting is ready to go within just a few minutes. With other types of hosting, there’s a discovering curve when it comes to figuring out how to set up WordPress (or another CMS) and managing hosting.

Easy WP is powered by Namecheap’s cloud innovation, which is the most recent cloud technology-enhanced totally for WordPress. Fully containerized, the Namecheap cloud has 99.9% uptime and its speed is up to three times faster than a standard WordPress website on traditional shared hosting.


  • Easy setup– all set to use at simply the click of a button.
  • Faster than WordPress sites on standard shared hosting.
  • Handle all your WordPress websites from one dashboard with a single login.
  • Easy migration service.


Less control over the technical side of website and server management and might not appeal to advanced users.

EasyWP handled WordPress hosting is the ideal option for those who do not wish to be so hands-on with the technical side of the day-to-day running of their website. With its single dashboard and easy-to-use user interface, you can concentrate on discovering how to use WordPress itself and producing quality material.

VPS hosting

Comparable to shared hosting, there are numerous customers (sites) running off the same servers, however with VPS, the number is far, far fewer and you have devoted resources. Similar to devoted hosting plans, you’ll have to take care of technical jobs related to your server yourself if you opt for VPS hosting.


  • Great and dependable performance.
  • Less expensive than devoted hosting plans.
  • Customizable server setup.
  • Enough storage space and bandwidth to power data-heavy, hectic websites.


  • More pricey than shared hosting.
  • Requires technical knowledge if you go with a self-managed VPS bundle.

VPS prevails among website owners who need more storage and bandwidth than is offered through shared hosting strategies. They may discover dedicated hosting is above and beyond their requirements concerning cost and flexibility. Like with devoted hosting, be sure to search for a fully managed choice if you do not have the abilities or any help with the handling of server admin jobs.

Dedicated hosting.

When you purchase dedicated hosting, you will not be sharing a server or any resources with anyone, and you get an entire server to yourself. This design of hosting provides you more control. You can configure everything on the server because it’s usually self-managed – which does not match all webmasters.

Using this hosting means you need to look after all the technical tasks that the hosting company would typically deal with for you in a shared hosting service. There is the alternative of completely handled devoted hosting. However, this is another rate tier up and not within normal hosts basic packages, so you may have to go trying to find it.


  • A dedicated server suggests you’re not sharing with other sites and will not be impacted by others.
  • More storage space and bandwidth than shared hosting.


  • Greatest priced hosting.
  • Requires innovative technical knowledge.

Committed hosting is the ideal choice for websites with large bandwidth and storage requirements. If you do not have the technical competence or time to handle your own server and you don’t have anybody available to help, completely managed dedicated hosting is the ideal choice for you.

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What Is A Cool Roof Coating

According to guys specializing in House Painting, the term “cool roof coating” has gained some traction in the roofing markets over the past few years. But what is a cool roof, actually, and who should consider applying it on their building’s roof?

Let’s Explore What A Cool Roof Coating Is NOT.

It is NOT insulation and its purpose is not to insulate, although it does have some insulating properties. Insulation is a material that forms a barrier to the flow of heat, and relies on its own physical properties, including its thickness, for its efficacy. In cold weather, insulation creates a barrier that primarily prevents heat from escaping the building through the roof.

What Does It Do?

It reflects sunlight off the surface to which it is applied, preventing it from entering the building. It also keeps the surface temperature of the roof sheets relatively low, resulting in much less wear and tear on the sheets themselves and the fasteners keeping them in place.

This is one of the most significant benefits of a cool roof. It presents a significant saving in terms of roof maintenance and replacement costs. The cool roof coating prolongs the life of your roof by up to several years.

We are an approved applicator of Reflective Coating Technologies’ Superflect, as well as a broad variety of other roof coatings. Additionally, to providing a comprehensive suite of industrial roof installation, repair and maintenance services.

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New Perspective Design: Store Web Design Proposal

Design & Architecture

Graphic design and strong cohesive branding will be applied by our expert and experienced team of graphic designers and marketing specialists.

We propose a fresh white design with crisp edited images to offset from the background. This will be achieved via editing images via adobe Photoshop (Graphic Design Company in East London)

Develop a professional look and feel for your website, with a fresh new interface and a clean layout.

Breaking long form content through clever use of design elements to make it more digestible to users. Well-structured content, with simple navigation, will lead visitors through to an obvious ‘sales funnel” .

Integration of online payment gateway. E-commerce system: Integration of a payment gateway. Di­erent payment option debit, credit and direct bank transfers for your online store customers. Online store order management with notifications and auto invoicing to clients regarding their order. Variable product list with a easy to reach check out cart.

Secure ssl certicate to be applied to ensure https and secure transactions. Brand and online presence extension through easily integrated social media pages to and from the website. Coding & development Industry standard, best practice tools to code your site with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP.

Responsive Website Design

Fully responsive design that is tested on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. Contact form with auto-reply email, so prospects know you have received their message. Google analytics to follow user metrics and identify user preferences or sales ow bottlenecks. Email Form sanitation / validation (protect against php injection )


A comfortable timeframe from quote acceptance to go-live would be about 1 week. Timeframes areflexible though, so we can work through the detail to align brand expectations.


Any website minor technical issues excluding hosting downtime would be tended to by New Perspective Design no charge. Backup of website and implementing and suggestions to website owner and management when new technologies arrive or old technologies are depreciated. Monitoring and working with your current hosting providers to implement the best server side needs of the website. Implementing Googles ever changing best practices guidelines.

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Everything You Need To Know About Green Roofs

Simply put, green roofs are a system that is installed on an existing roof top covered by plants and other vegetation. Green roofs are becoming more and more common as society turns to being more environmentally mindful. Not to mention it is aesthetically pleasing. Although there are hundreds of benefits to having a green roof, the installation process is very involved. Even with a professional contractor. Whether the green roof is installed in a residential settlement or on a skyscraper in town, there are a few vital features to consider.

Green Roof Layers:

  • Waterproofing layer: Of course this is the most important process. You need an additional waterproof and root-resistant layer installed to keep the roof structure undamaged and safe. A green roofing system that ends up leaking into the interior of the building can be detrimental to the structure and the people inside.
  • Drainage & Filter layer: The excess water on the roof needs to escape somehow as standing water can cause a problem in the long term. Be sure that the roof outlets are always clear of dirt and debris. You can add pebbles at the entrance of the outlets to ensure no vegetation makes its way into the drainage system.
  • Soil Profile Layer: The perfect substrate for a green roof consists of low, lightweight nutrients. It should have a ratio of 30 percentage organic material and 70 percentage inorganic material. Soil that is too heavy, will contribute to the heavy load on the roof which you want to avoid as much as possible.
  • Vegetation Layer: Finally, the fun part. The type of plant you choose is dependent on whether you installed an extensive or intensive green roof. An extensive green roof plant choice(grasses, herbs, sedums) needs little to no maintenance with no irrigation system. An intensive green roof consists of vegetation(small trees and other deep rooting plant species) that needs professional maintenance and an irrigation system. You can tailor your choice to attract certain species of bird, bee or any other wildlife.

A Green Roof Note

A green roof naturally acts as an acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and fire retardation. Since the sun’s UV rays never get to reach your roof surface, the electricity used in your home decreases, saving you money!

We give the green roofing system two thumbs up! They have great benefits but if not installed correctly, this can be a very costly repair. Contact our team at Apex Waterproofing for any questions or queries with regards to Waterproofing Johannesburg. It pays to work with waterproofing and roofing professionals.